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LeBlanc: How I Roll Face

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Sweet Baby Ray



Hey everyone, I've been playing LeBlanc since she first came out and I still hear mixed reviews about her. Some say she's too squishy and falls off late game, others say she's OP. Well, here's what I've noticed from 200+ games with her.

She has a very strong early game

If you get fed early game, you dominate mid game.
If you don't get fed early game, you can't roll mid game.

Late game she is a UTILITY CHAMP over anything.

Let's talk about this for a moment. Early game, you can burst 1/3 of the opposing mid's life around levels two or three. If they stick around until 4, your Q W E combo will USUALLY finish them off, if you are auto attacking with ignite up on them. Be sure to end your combo by distorting back before it's down in-case they have a good jungle that's coming for you. If they don't stay in lane when they're low, take advantage of this and push/last hit to get an exp/gold lead. Just try to out sustain them; the longer they're out of lane (whether dead or recalled), the more of an advantage you have over them.

Now assuming you're fed for midgame (~4/1), this is where you make or break the game. Either way, you WILL lose the ability to three shot anyone late game. It's up to you to gank lanes and shut them down early to either force a surrender or cripple their midgame. It is very demoralizing to the other team to be pushed up on a gank, maybe getting a kill then seeing "dat LB" show up and 2 shot the weakest link. More often than not, if you're rolling people, they will quit and you will win. Just be sure to use your skills to maximum effectiveness. I'll go over the combos after this.

Late game, you are a UTILITY. Let's look at what we can do late game:
Silence 2 people. (Sigil, Mimic: Sigil, Distortion)
Root 2 people. (Chains, Mimic: Chains)
Silence 2 people and root 1. (Sigil, Mimic: Sigil, Chains)
Silence 1 person and root 2. (Sigil, Chains, Mimic: Chains)
Burst the hell out of any carry, either killing them or forcing them to leave the fight. (Sigil, Mimic: Sigil, Distortion/Chains)
Chase down and lock a fleeing champ. (Distortion, Mimic: Distortion, Chains)

LB has so much utility in a fight, it kills me when I see someone say she falls off late game. No, she can't straight up murder anyone she pleases anymore, but she can do so much more to lock the opposing team down. Their caster can't cast and lost 1/2 health, the ad carry lost 1/2 health and can't move, the tank cant initiate because he's rooted and the rest of the team was chasing a clone. Just wreak havoc on them. Play games with your clone when you're low (think Shaco), use your distortion recall wisely and remember that you can silence two people if you Q one and R the other. (Brand is useless and Soraka can't heal)

My runes:

M.Pen Reds
Mana Regen Yellows
M.Pen Blues
AP Quints
This will give you a nice balance of 15 AP and 15 M.Pen.

M.Pen Reds
Mana Regen Yellows
M.Pen Blues
M,Pen Quints
This gives 21 M.Pen, less damage by a little bit early game, but you can get around 61 M.Pen with ~46% which means close to true damage to most targets.

M.Pen Reds
Mana Regen Yellows
AP Blues
AP Quints
Better early game to get fed, not as much M.Pen for late-game damage.

No matter what set you use, go M.Pen and AP reds, blues and quints and take Mana Regen yellows. You won't need to leave lane and any combo will pop people.


Take the AP (right side) in Offense and the Mana utilities with the buff duration.

This is where I get flamed until I burst off someone's face.

Depending on my runes, my starting items differ. I'll just say that you want a balance of AP and M.Pen to start with.

Doran's Ring / Boots + 3hp
Sorc Shoes (BOOM)
Fiendish Codex -> Morello's (Very useful CDR, helps mana issues early and some AP)
Amp Tome -> Haunting Guise (Survival, additional BOOM)
Rabadon's (Shoot for the 25 min mark and you'll be golden)
Void Staff -> (EVEN MORE BOOM)
Survival/more AP

Any questions on the item build, please post and I'll address individually. It's not set in stone and it is fully up to your discretion and how the game is going. If you got your Sorc Shoes and you recall with 1700 gold, you're pwning so just go Rabadon's and continue to roll. If you need mana help, go with the Morello's early. If you're evenly matched, Haunting Guise is the way to go. Remember to EAT BREAKFAST, ITS GOOD FOR YA BRAIN. So use your brain. Think. Try it. Adventure Time..

Skilling order goes as follows for me:

Q - W - Q - E - Q - R
Max R, Max Q, Max W, Max E

Why distortion before chains?
The initial burst from distortion scares enemies into running, even though chains does more damage (in two procs). FAKE MATH INCOMING: What's scarier? 100 damage in your face or two procs of 50? You want to make them **** they pants. The CDR from skilling up distortion along with the Morello's is great for survival and chasing as well.


Build heavy M.Pen.
Build heavy AP.
Dominate Early game.
Make them cry Mid game.
Utilize your skills Late game.

Feel free to add me to your list, I play often and will answer questions.

Sweet Baby Ray