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[Game] [Major] Shop Inventory Glitch

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Ok, so I made a support mastery page, deciding to try out biscuiteer and explorer. However, when I enter a game, the inventory in the shop screen does not have the explorer ward, although it does have the biscuit. This screws up the buying and selling of items.

I start out with the biscuit and ward. I then buy a faerie charm and potions. The charm and pots go into my 2 and 3 slots on the store menu, but the 3 and 4 slots on my actual inventory. If I want to sell my faerie charm, I have to go by the placement (so I need to sell the pots in the store menu, rather than the faerie charm; selling the faerie charm would instead sell the item that's really in the 2 slot, the ward in this case).

Repro Steps:
1.) Equip Biscuiteer and Explorer masteries.
2.) Use the shop.

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I can also validate this.

I created a video following these steps (video here (http://youtu.be/j5gssUAaaHw)):
1. Take the Explorer mastery into the game.
2. Open the shop, and the Explorer's Ward will not be present.
3. Buy an item or several items.
4. Attempt to sell an item, but it won't be the correct item sold (I also noticed that it makes an "invalid" type noise, too).

Also, upon selling an item, the background in the shop window for that item resizes itself to a smaller size (seen at the end of the video or in this screenshot (http://i.imgur.com/54Lnc.jpg)).