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General Suggestions thread

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The McSmashy

Senior Member


Making a general use suggestions thread. Champion feedback, item feedback, everything. Please list in the format

(Champion, Item)
-(Summary of Suggested change)
*(Reason for change)

Keep it short and sweet. Will keep bumped and the OP updated and credited when online.

-Increase AD bonus from passive
*Ignoring collision is no longer a unique trait to Hec, Fizz, and Janna due to new Phantom Dancer. Furthermore, the lowered bonus movespeed on Boots, the removal of FoN, and the lowering of movespeed on Tri-Force (And the alternate to Tri-Force, Glacial Fist being added) all make Movespeed harder to properly build on Hecarim. Boots are now never a viable starting option, too, making his passive far less effective in all forms.

Liandry's Lament
-Allow active to be cast on self. When casted, gives a buffs that applies the active to the first single-target spell that hits an enemy.
*Most mages who build this have either similar ranged single target spells, or is like Nidalee and can't follow up on a longer range proc. Mainly buffs Xerath, who has been under the radar for a long time.