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nidalee visual update - bugs and feedback thread

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as a nid main before the second half of s2, im seriously disappointed with the new art. looks way too small/hunched over when she is running with passive on, and i guess im too used to the old spear art, too. i feel like im playing a different champ, and its one id rather have reverted.

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yes, this is intended. we've finished her pbe testing cycle for now.

we're going to go through all the feedback and notes we've gathered from this period and see what final changes she'll need. once we're all done, we'll put her back on the pbe (along with updated splash art) for a final round of testing to make sure her debut to live is smooth.

i won't close out this thread in the meantime—everyone is welcome to continue posting/discussing the visual update while we wrap up—we'll continue taking comments here until she ships.

thanks for all of the feedback so far, everyone! ♥

A major thanks goes out to you guys for listening. I've talked to a bunch of friends who felt we had no voice with skins after the changes to Diana's DV skin, so this is a good thing. I just hope you guys can make enough people happy....and hopefully whoever did the changes is not in the corner Forever Alone lol, it was still good work, just not Nid.

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The face is really...strange. I'm not sure I like it. then again I'm gonna be looking at it from up above them as god.

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Will her model change come with the S3 patch?

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Just some of my opinions here:

1) The Leopard Nidalee human form is fine, I think the orange hair now has a more realistic color instead of a bright cartoonish hue. Though it could be a little bit more "reallistically" brighter like the OP said

1a. The old leopard's spots look more like a real leopard's spots by the way (denser darker outlines of the circles and fainter inside), but the new one looks like .... not a leopard nor a cheetah lol! Maybe have the new one's spots corrected by accentuating the outlines and have the filling fainter? Also please remove the large fangs hanging from the leopard! Leopards aren't supposed to have fangs! Remove the spiky hair on it as well (I just have strong opinion about this skin because I currently own it and liking it)

1b. French Maid cougar should have a white bowtie at the tail (like in human form) in my opinion

2) Boots in Pharaoh is unnecessary, I prefer the old sandal look and feel to it, maybe have a vertical strip of leather going down the front? Also the old Pharaoh spear looked better than the new one (New cougar is fine as it is )


3) Face:
I agree with OP, new face is too rounded, need to have more "pointy" chin and slanty eyes like the old one. Plus if you (Riot) can also change her eyes to be more "cat-like" maybe that'd be soooo totally AWESOME (with yellow tint)!!

I think Nid should not wear shoes, I mean tribal women didn't either and she's based on one right ? Or have a more leathery feel to it than Adidas sneaker-like


4) Awkward movement pose when she pauses, need a smoother transition

5) I want her to have more idle animations

6) Spear shot skill is yellow!! If this could be changed to another subtle color like brown or darker yellow would be nice... I don't want to alert enemies that "look! A spear coming" then dodge it easily now

7) Her run and bush sprint animations are the same, please make them different, thank you!


8) Cougar form needs more roaring/growling and maybe a voice over would be nice

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The old betwitching nidalee looks flat-out better than the new betwitching nidalee.

The older skin has:
- More vibrant fabric colors
- Better skin tone (new skin has a strange redish tint)
- Better face (aesthetically more pleasing and higher res)

For comparison:
http://lol.zones.gamebase.com.tw/skin_view/nidalee_witch?mode=#skin (old skin)
http://lol.zones.gamebase.com.tw/skin_view/nidalee_witch_2012?mode=#skin (new skin)

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Junior Member


Also one more thing: I like the new feathers on her hair and her spear, if they can stay that'd be great!

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All I want out of this update is for them to adjust her face just ever so slightly. There were a lot of small features that gave her the feline, almost predatory quality that she had to her face, and now they are gone, in place of a very average, sort of grumpy looking face. Here are the things that are bugging me the most that I feel can be improved:

1. Change the shape of her eyes or her make-up to the cat-eye shape they had before.. It was a huge part of what made her face look feline in human form, indicating what she really is.
2. Make the overall shape of her face closer to what it used to be. Prior to the update, her face was much narrower at the bottom and wider towards her cheekbones, now her features look much less exotic.
3. Change the shape of her mouth to be closer to how it used to be, having a fuller lower lip than upper, with the corners just slightly upturned. This is the one that I really, really can't get over. It's the thing that really takes her personality out of her face for me. Before she looked eager to go on the prowl, now she just has a very blank, serious expression. It takes away more of her feline quality and makes her seem like more of a serious jungle-warrior type character.

I really hope that there's still room for feedback and suggestions. I think the quality and detail of the previous reworks have been amazing, but Nidalee is my favorite champion and I would hate to miss a chance to give feedback on her new look.

Yes please, fix the face! She looks like a nobody now- she used to look like a warrior princess, a huntress! I want old Nidalee's face on the new Nidalee's body! pls Riot, pls.

And I'm still on the fence about the new French maid.. I kind of liked that the old "French maid"outfit looked kind of exotic like a French maid from the jungle lol

Also, no sandals please- let her run barefoot in her normal skin. And please get rid of those horrid boot things on Pharaoh Nidalee- there was nothing wrong with the sandals she had in that skin before.

And someone else also mentioned about having her cougar form leap towards where the cursor is pointing (like Riven's leap). I vote YES to this pls.

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This is what I first wrote when I saw the Nidalee Visual Update Notice on surrender@20:

1 - This is just minor: I just noticed that it's not a cougar anymore, but instead a saber-tooth tiger. Well, it looks kind of manly etc., but of course it looks better than just a cougar. But still...

2 - I think Nidalee's skin is abit too red (default and Pharao). I mean, she's wild, yes, but she's not a redskin. It also looks abit weird since you can't always differentiate between her and her clothes. I liked her brown colour. For Pharao it should be brown, right now it looks more like a sunburn.

3 - This one really annoys me: I don't like the new face. (Especially the Pharao one.) It's not as firm as the old one and there are also some other things I don't like about it. Also, they changed Nidalee's eye colour to green, while it should have been brown/golden in the default. This, I think looks really bad, the green eyes don't suit her at all.

Right now, I would add a few little things:

4 - Nidalee's proportions don't always seem to fit. The default is fine, however, she seems to be very short on the other ones, her legs are too short. That and her face are the reason she looks chubby. And that doesn't really suit her, as she is wild, she should be pretty slim, even a little bit too slim, as she was before.

5 - Pharao Nidalee - I don't like the face, hair, skincolour, proportions and the light-blue of the clothes. I think the clothes should be full white and that it would look better. The other things I listed have already been explained.

6 - Bewitched Nidalee - I am thinkful that you wanted to improve every model, but I and many others think Bewitched is just fine as it is. So, changing it needlessly has made many people mad, and I see why, as the proportions, face and colours look weird now. So I think it's best if you just don't change that model at all.

Also, this is advise for the Splash Arts you're working on: If you want to get the most positive effect, it would be best if you took into account the criticism that has often been said of the latest Splash changes. Keep in mind that Nidalee is from the wild, then you can think of many different poses of her to stand in, which will look good, unique, while staying classy.

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Sagee Prime

Senior Member


I suppose I'll get a mixed response on my thoughts on this visual remake.

To start off.

Nidalee's Human Form:

*Her skin tone and hair are fine she isn't Caucasian and she isn't Black so get over it already.

*She is indeed too round in most areas and for a lady living off the jungle I would expect her to be much leaner and more athletic looking.

*She is a human being and we like to protect our feet no matter how wild we are. I'm sure she could have created a good pair of foot wear but are the massive leg warmers really necessary (especially in the jungle which is typically hot and humid).

*with athletic in mind I expect her to have quick and numerous amounts of animations not slow telegraphed animations.

*Her face is too round but again I think she just look too heavy for a jungle woman so just slim her entire body a little bit.

*Her other facial feature such as eyes and moth are almost fine but I would prefer something closer to her Chinese art. (Brown eye with a red tinted glow and a hardened not soft look upon her face)

*Her anatomy in her old model is way off and I like it when her anatomy is actually somewhat realistic.

Nidalee's Cougar Form:

*I looks cool but it isn't a proper cougar nor is it even the right gender.

*Her teeth are way too long. Can she even open her mouth wide enough to get anything in her mouth past those teeth?

*She has a mane like a male lion or in this case Saber Toothed Tiger.

*Her tail is too stiff and probably too wide at its origin. It looks like a lizard tail instead of a cat tail.

*She still turns like a bus. Instead of her body curving to the side while she is turning she turns like a stiff log.

*Almost everything about her cougar form including ability usage make me think I'm watching a zergling.

* Particles for both seemed fine.

Snow Bunny Nidalee's Human Form:

*Again could we do away with the leg warmer things for some actual hot pink boots and make her outfit hot pink instead of some off red color.

*This is the only skin I think her skin should be a lighter more Caucasian color.

*she should get a blue tinted glow for her eyes.

*She should be updated with Frost Blade Irelia's snow particles and have a much denser version of this when in and leaving brush.

Snow Bunny Cougar Form:

*I'd actually prefer that she didn't have her neck cover think (which I assume is her human clothes) around her neck. A pure white cat just seems awesome.

Leopard Nidalee:
*Other than similar issues to my previous mentions her spots are more like a cheetah's and the coloration is too dark. Leopards have a much lighter yellow orange and their spots are more like dark circles with lighter colors in the middle of the circles.

*different leave particles and orange tinted eye glow and particles would be cool.

French Maid:
*She doesn't need her skin stripes so stop asking for them. She is supposed to be a french made not a recolor like her old one actually was.

*I want this skin to really stand out like all of the other similar skins. (Sinful succulence Morgana, Officer Caitlyn, Heart Seeker Vayne, Battle Bunny Riven, and Headmistress Fiora)

*Again Her cougar looks too masculine but I like the lack of a close basket around her neck.

*Can we please make her javelins look more like feather dusters and give her feather particles instead of leaves???

Pharaoh Nidalee:

*Don't know what you guys did but she looks amazingly worse lots of great details from the old skin are missing.

*Her hair needs more flippy action in it and the leg pieces again need to go.

*WTF happened to her cougar forms earring??????????????

*The quality of the old skin was much nicer and why does she have a barbie doll smile on her face???......

Bewitching Nidalee:

*Allot of similar problems to Pharaoh Nidalee. The quality has been reduced immensely.

*Her legs are all jacked up and the textures are different and of lower quality.

*Her hand still clips the broom in her dance :/

I have played Nidalee since her release in 2009 and I own all her skins (http://elophant.com/skins-owned/Q3VPJ4).

I don't expect everything on my list to be achieved but I would hope that you guys at the very least meet or exceed the quality of Nidalee's old visuals.

A Concerned Nidalee Player