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Nami - feedback and questions thread

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I want to bring this is up again because it got no attention... but is no one else frustrated by how she is the worst farmer in the game, by a significant margin? If the game is going slowly and your carry isn't making kills, you will fall behind in gold in the late game with no way to independently catch up. Also, that you can't maintain the lane in the carry's absence... I know the 0CS support is the norm right now, but this is the first champion that is incapable of being effectively played any other way. What if the meta changes? And even 0CS supports are expected to be able to free farm in absence of teammates, or help push when called for, but Nami just can't. She can't fend for herself, and it hurts. :-/

I go AP support when I support cause I don't like how a pure support contributes to a teamfight.

And with Nami despite the 200-300ap range her Q doesn't kill minion waves but leaves them with around 100 health which requires aa's to kill. -_-.