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Stacey is a LORD

Senior Member


Hello, my name is Stacey and I got a problem.
Recently I've attempted to join a queue, told me I'm already assigned to a game.
But okay, I've tried again and I managed to get into the queue.

Since the waiting time was long, I was just lurking around at youtube watching videos.
Anyways, I wanted to see for how long I'm waiting, and found out it left the queue.

After I tried to join again, it told me I'm already assigned to a game (yes, again) but the second time didn't work, appearintly I'm already assigned to a game.
Alright, closed League, opened League.

And what did I found out?

Game Abandoned
You have left a game in progress.
Please reconnect to the game.

Yes, the message you get when you leave a game (note that I never even got to Champion Select or into a game at all).
After clicking on the reconnect button, it turned gray and that's it.

Closed League and opened it again.
Logged into account.
Same message again.

So that's the explanation of the problem, now...
How do I fix it?
What can I do to play League of Legends?

Thanks in advance, Stacey.