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New Matchmaking System?

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So, I've currently been in normal queue on Summoner's Rift for over 30 minutes with four other friends. I am aware there are currently disconnect issues. Continuing, one friend has ~150 wins, one has ~200, one has ~550, and one has ~950. I have a little over 1000 wins. I should specify that this is on my other account. Anyway, my friend tells me that the lengthy queue time is because, beginning last patch, there's a new matchmaking system that makes games based on each player's wins. Since we all have such different win counts, the system has no idea what to do and is taking forever. Is this true? If so, this seems really detrimental to recruitment and matchmaking in general. Even duo normals with my ~900 win friend take almost two minutes now, compared to maybe twenty seconds before. League is an entirely social experience for me. I hope this is resolved soon.