LoL Zombie Survival!

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ASAP Prince

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Okay basically this game is played with a minimum of 2 players and a maximum of 6 players. There are many ways to play.

5 People will try to escape the zombie (Yorick Brand or Sion). They cannot hit the zombie they cannot farm the creeps. They can only run away from the zombie. If the zombie kills you you are to afk at base. If you are afk at base you may still use summoners.

1 Person must own Zombie Brand, Yorick, or Sion
2. Any summoners are allowed (except Revive or Teleport)
3. You may not farm minions unless you are the zombie
4. You may get exp but if you are not the zombie then you may not "hit" the creeps.
5. You may not take jungle creeps unless you are the zombie
6. You may place wards if you are the zombie
7. You cannot place wards if you are not the zombie
8. Oracles are allowed
9. You may take the zombie's wards down.

Well that's it! LoL Zombie Survival guys! Have fun! Leave feedback if you think anything should be changed.