Sand Mage? Maybe?

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I know that there was discussion about a project with a Psuedo name Seth the Sand Mage. There was a lot of potential in this idea but I think when players hear sand mage they quickly assume the person as a mid when in fact sand could very easily be used in utility situations, AKA Support. While I am not great with ratios or even creating a champion (since this is clearly not mine just an old Riot idea) I have thought of some pretty awesome ideas for abilities for a sand mage

Passive: -Erosion- Sand floats around Seth, temporarily weakening the armor of nearby opponents with each spell cast around them stacking up to 3 times.

Q -Sand Toss- Seth tosses sand into the face of the target damaging and blinding the target for a short duration.
(Blind is so under used in the game i thought it'd be nice to see it present on another champion)

W -Quicksand- Seth summons a pit of quicksand at a target location for 3 seconds, enemies are slowed when in it, it then damages and snares if they remain within for more than 2 seconds.

E -Dust Devil- Seth summons a minor twister around yourself or an allied champion increasing their movement speed and shielding them for a small amount.

R -Dust Storm- Seth creates a wall of sand that rolls from the targeted area back towards the sand mage, Damaging and slowing all enemies hit by it,

This is of course just an idea so I would love to hear opinions about all of this and of course some feedback about what could be done to improve this idea. If you feel he is over powered say so but explain why and maybe try to find a solution cause he can absolutely be made too strong with the wrong ratios or base stats but get those right he could be pretty good and fair I think.