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Joan Of Arc Diana Skin/Mulan Diana, also @praeco

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I recently got Diana, when she came out I didn't get her and as I have login music disabled, I didn't hear the music. I heard the music the other day, and oh my god was I sold, seriously praeco you did an amazing job. The start of the climax at 1:22 gets me every time, seriously amazing song. That got me thinking about possible skins for her, and I thought these would be some fairly obvious choices for skin ideas for Diana given the similarities to the idea of a powerful outcast woman in both of these stories.

Possible name could be ' Heretic Diana'

Some simple google searches for Joan of Arc bring in a number of reference pictures, and while simple armour isn't that interesting, I'm sure the design team could add their own flare to it.

Spells and particles don't need to have that big of a change, although she could be holding a standard and sword as seen in most of the paintings of her in battle. Perhaps the Q could have a red particles, w have white, and e have blue, doing the colours of the French flag?

On a related note, there was a post before about leona that may have contributed to diana's inception, and on the post someone suggested doing opposites skins for Diana and Leona, something like Shield Maiden Diana and Heretic Leona. I really like this idea so figured I'd bump it in this thread =]