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Bring back an old favourite?

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Eidol Cain

Junior Member


First of all, Hello audio forum!

I don't post often in the forums (I think I have like 3 total) but this idea's been sitting in the back of my head for long enough that I wanted to see if my opinion's a lone one or if other people are on board.

Namely, I remember when dying in the jungle got you the Humiliation call, and agree that removing it was a good idea. But I still like the call itself, so I thought 'you know what REALLY deserves it? If Syndra kills you by Force of Will'ing your own pet onto you'.

It wouldn't have to show up on the other team's announcements, but hearing that on YOUR side (maybe as 'Enemy Humiliation!' or 'An Enemy has been Humiliated.') would be worth a laugh.

So am I the only one who wants Humiliation back for Syndra killing you in the most poetic way possible?

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Senior Member


That is damn impressive LAWL upvote!

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Getting killed by your own spawned pet, would be hilarious as a Humiliation.