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eXes Champion

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With Larias the Aqua Knight and Predicted the Chrono Knight down the drains, here's our newest Emissary champion: eXes! Since I'm on a tight schedule and I can't really waste any time by drawing dumb concept art, I got lazy and took screenshots of what I wanted to base eXes' appearance off of.

[eXes the Windian]
Head shot (http://img91.imageshack.us/img91/9982/kazenoo12.png)
Torso shot (http://img412.imageshack.us/img412/639/kazenoo7s.png)
Body shot (http://img91.imageshack.us/img91/2121/kazenoo7.png)
As you might have noticed, eXes' champion title does not have "Knight" in it. For several reasons, goofing off and Emissary lulz (http://img140.imageshack.us/img140/2332/emissarylulz.png) amongst them, the Emissaries have been divided into two teams of five members:

Knight Emissaries

  • Larias the Aqua Knight
  • Predicted the Chrono Knight
  • Katai the Terra Knight

Enforcement Emissaries
  • eXes the Windian
  • Silver the Soul Taker
  • Adonis the Stud
  • Toukichiro the LoL Cat

Q: How did you classify Emissaries?
A: By who's a nut job and who's not a nut job.

Obviously, there needs to be three more Emissaries before it's a full 5v5 scenario. If two teams of Emissaries, one with only Knights and the other with only Enforcements, are paired up, there'll be a special Emissary vs Emissary loading screen instead of the norm. Fun shit, seeing Greenies kick each others' asses.

LORE: The native tribes of the corridors of Runeterra's elevated mountainous regions were renowned for their intuitiveness and heritage to the god of wind, Zephyr. Masters of the wind and heirs to the sky, the Windian people, as they were called, began rapidly spreading with the rise of modern day Runeterra. Concerned with the development of a potential threat, the Noxian High Council took precautions and issued for the exterminating of the Windian people. With the support of the Noxian governing body and the people of Noxus, whom of which were deceived by propaganda, the military campaign against the Windians proved successful and resulted in complete annihilation of the natives. That is, with the exception of Access.

Access, a Windian child at the time of the genocide, witnessed the slaughtering of his close friends and family, and soon, his entire peoples. Hidden under a table cloth and passed on as a dead child, Access was thrown into the trash dumps of Noxus with every other Windian body ever found. Years later, Access has joined the Institute of War and rose up in rank, earning the title of Emissary of the League. In his attempts to be some badass who wants to avenge his people, Access changed his named to eXes. He now fights to destroy Noxus and avenge his people- blah blah blah, Predicted's story etc etc.


On a scale of 1, weak, to 10, strong.

Health: 4/10
Attack: 5/10
Spells: 6/10
Difficulty: /10

Role: Caster, Farmer, Pusher, Carry, Haste


eXes converts 10/20/30% of his movement speed into ability power and attack damage.


Air Ball (Active)
eXes fires an ball of compressed air in a direction, dealing damage to enemies hit by it. Air balls have a 20% chance to induce item effects.
  • L1 - 8% of AP or 10% of physical damage, 40 damage minimum.
  • L2 - 16% of AP or 20% of physical damage, 60 damage minimum.
  • L3 - 24% of AP or 30% of physical damage, 80 damage minimum.
  • L4 - 32% of AP or 40% of physical damage, 100 damage minimum.
  • L5 - 40% of AP or 50% of physical damage, 120 damage minimum.
  • Mana - 20/30/40/50/60
  • Cooldown - 0
  • Cast Range - 600
- eXes fires a ball of air that travels a 600 distance, dealing a percentage of his AP or physical damage (whichever is higher) to enemies hit by it. Air balls have a 20% chance to induce item effects.


Spell-Binding Gale (Active)
eXes summons a magical gale that seizes the target. Whenever the target is damaged in the duration of Spell-Binding Gale, it'll be stunned for a percentage of the damage it takes. 8 second gale shroud duration.
  • L1 - 0.002% of damage taken.
  • L2 - 0.0035% of damage taken.
  • L3 - 0.005% of damage taken.
  • L4 - 0.0065% of damage taken.
  • L5 - 0.008% of damage taken.
  • Mana - 60/90/120/150/180
  • Cooldown - 30
  • Cast Range - 800

- If a Spell-Binding Galed enemy unit/champion takes damage, it'll be stunned for a percentage of that damage taken. The gale shroud lasts for 8 seconds.


Air Pressure (Active Toggle On/Off)
When toggled on, Air Pressure begins taking into account how much damage is being dealt in a 1000 AoE of his location, regardless of side dealing the damage. After 10 seconds or when eXes presses E again when Air Pressure is active, he releases all that damage in a 1000 AoE.
  • L1 - 240 damage minimum. 200 cap.
  • L2 - 260 damage minimum. 400 cap.
  • L3 - 280 damage minimum. 600 cap.
  • L4 - 300 damage minimum. 800 cap.
  • L5 - 320 damage minimum. 1000 cap.
  • Mana - 100
  • Cooldown - 60
  • AoE - 1000

- When toggled on, Air Pressure takes into account all the damage being dealt in a 1000 AoE of eXes. After 10 seconds, eXes deals all the damage taken into account in a 1000 AoE. eXes can press E again while Air Pressure is still taking into account to prematurely release damage.


Aeromancy (Active)
eXes flies, increasing his movement speed and ignoring terrain/unit collision in the duration of Aeromancy.
  • L1 - +100 movement speed, 6 second duration.
  • L2 - +200 movement speed, 8 second duration.
  • L3 - +300 movement speed, 10 second duration.
  • AP Ratio - 1:
  • Mana - 150
  • Cooldown - 100

- eXes increases his movement speed and ignores terrain and unit collision while flying. That's all there is to it. :/