Riot Points Gifting

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[CENTER]There needs to be a way to "gift" riot points (not trade them though).
Main Idea
There should be another option at the RP purchase screen that has to do with buying the RP for another summoner. A lot of players want to give a friend RP for Christmas or another occasion, but they will not because it costs more than it should because of gas money to get to the store. For me it would be an extra $6 in gas to get to and from the nearest store that sells them. That's a 60% increase in price, therefore I would never buy an RP card. Riot would make much more money if there was an option to gift RP directly from home, because I know there are quite a few people who just do not want to spend the extra gas money for only a $10 gift.

Other Possible Ideas if this goes through
Reverse Psychology - If riot makes this, then they should have a "gifting sale" such as "when you send RP to a friend, your money gets an extra 20% more points for them." for a limited time. Now most players would think this is riot trying to promote their new gifting feature, and it is in most cases, however there are some players who would think of it as an opportunity to get a bonus 20% RP by gifting it to themselves off a smurf account. Either way, that's another RP sale that riot did not have before due to gifting it and a very small bonus.

Bonus skin - If someone reaches a total dollar mark in gifting purchases, then give them some limited edition, festive, exclusive skin that can only be obtained through this method. This would prevent players from just grabbing the skin for themselves without actually sending RP. ex: Make the mark $50 and once someone "gifts" that much worth in RP then it unlocks said skin for them. This would encourage players to use this feature truly as a gifting idea , rather than a small bonus as mentioned earlier, because who wants some super mega skin on a smurf account?