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According to Riot, the reason wards are disabled on this map is because the map is "Too small" to really allow for wards, because they would take up huge amounts of sight radius on the map just placing one or two wards.

So, why do we need these ridiculously long respawn timers?

I mean really, 60+ Second on a map this tiny is pretty harsh, the enemy team in 60 seconds if they have two AD's can go from having no towers, to blowing up your nexus before the 60 seconds is up.

Heck, a single AD Champion in 60 seconds could down two of your towers, and steal your active shrine, and walk away without a care.

Can we look into getting the Respawn timers lowered? Or at least an explanation as to why, on a map that's suppose to have been redone to make "More exciting games" is there the possibility that one slip up, a lag spike, any of a random number of bad things that could happen could strike, and suddenly the enemy team is clear for a free win?

TL;DR: Respawn timers are far too long for the size of the map, especially since the argument against wards is the fact the map is too small, I mean really...

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My thoughts for keeping the long respawn timer is because Twisted Treeline is meant to be a shorter game than Summoner's Rift. It's meant to last about 20-30 minutes on average. Riot has also stated that there were changes to the map to make it so that Turtle tactics weren't as easy to pull off as on the old map.

The 60 second respawn timer is probably to make wanting to survive rather than get that kill stronger, and to help speed things up when someone does make a mistake and die.