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Improvement queue Idea

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good morning and thank you for taking your time reading this post. Well lets start how many time you been in game everyone call where they going pick their characters just to find out the last person or the person below saying "I CAN'T play that position/s going into a game and losing it not because of you but that person that doesn't know all the roles or he/she not good at them. ( We can argue at higher elo you should be able to play everywhere etc . . . . but we know there is always a person that is better at some positions than others). this is an idea that Riot should take into consideration. People that are familiar with Wow can relate to dungeon finder what is for the people that don't know before u enter a dungeon in our case a Game you select what role you want to play example someone that prefer to play support/jungle or adc/mid etc etc will queue as those roles and will get team up with people playing other roles meaning no more fighting/whining for roles and having better experience while playing the game.

thanks again for taking the time to read this post if you think is a good idea lets try get Riot to see this post

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Man, there sure to be a lot of Junior Members posting.
Anyway a few tips, don't type long paragraphs, separate it with space, and use things like bold, and italics to make it fancy and spice it up.
Also, Riot would never do this as it hurts people being creative. What if a duo queue wants to go double bruiser bot, ADC middle, jungle Diana, and something random top lane?
This wouldn't work and would be hard for people to experiment.