Theory I have on the future of the human race before the Big Freeze

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Colonel J

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I'm suscribed to BigThink and he was talking about the end of the universe and such/

What we know is that the universe is expanding faster and faster. This trend, if it stays like this, wil result in heat death of the universe, most everything near abosolute zero and everything dies.

Michio Kaku agress that this is, currently, the fate of the universe. He went on about the human race could never survive it, but said by the time of heat death we will be so advanced technology wise that we'd be able to bend space and time on demand.

He says the human race will go to another universe to survive, but I have another idea. The universe is everything and their cannot be 2 universes at the same time. I can't imaigne how going to another one would be possible,

I theorize that we will actually time travel to the past before the big freeze. We'd still be in the same universe. However, because we are in the same universe, we cannot make contact with our race not from our time. The timeline might change and they will not have even existed to travel into the past and their lives will be over. They'd have to stay alone and never make contact.

Perhaps UFO's are just time travelers observing us?

But then it could be possible that this has already happened multiple times. Time travelers who appear after the time travelers, They too cannot meet because them meeting could erase the older time travelers. They too must never communiate humans. It's possible that people live to be really old and they can see their past selves time-traveling into the past, but never make contact with themselves, else they might have never existed either or things would have gone differently.

All these time travelers will never meet each other, but they know they are out there somewhere and can never make contact else they'd change their timelines.

Our universe could be filled with other humans, only they're are hidden and alone.

What do you people think?

(I imagine heat death could probably be substituted with any idea of the ultimate fate of the universe really so it really does not matter how the universe will end specifically.)