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I am pretty sure that this was posted somewhere else by many others, if so feel free to refer me to other posts if Riot answered this.

By the gank omnipresence created and the low health of structures, right now THE only solution for the new TT is to build an AD bruiser or AD carry.

Almost all the teams were building this, and the only thing to stop them was thornmail, which is now gone.

80% of the team I meet build either an AD carry with 2 x Phantom dancer and 2 x sanguine blade, and you jsut cant stop it.

Or General AD bruisers which cant be stopped. (AP items are way too expensive compared to AD items).

What Riot plans to do about this ? Cos right now, this map really favors one type of enemies, and this really sucks.

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Had a trynd build as boots, 2 pd, 2 sanguines, and a ie. Yeah, 1v1 he could kill the other team, but teamfights, he was dead in like 2 seconds.