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A.I has priority bugs

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I usually play a bot game or two with a champ before trotting him off into normals. This lets me get a feel for the champ without undue pressure.

I'm playing Cho'gath, we've been going for about half an hour and we're losing by a turret. I decide to push bot while my teammates defend, and manage to get down the turret and the inhib, and push to the nexus turret. I'm even facetanking it, because all the minions died.

Miss Fortunebot respawns, takes a look at me punching the turret, and runs off to cap an altar instead. Doesn't bat an eyelid at me. Eventually Xin turns up, after I've killed half the nexus, but it's too late.

TL;DR - Bots give far too much priority to the altars currently, even over the nexus turret.

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I think they mentioned doing that among a few other tweaks in the map.