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Ranked Requirements

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Hello Riot:

I am really desperate at how bad my teammates are at 1200 Solo/Duo Ranked matches. So far, I played 4 matches of ranked , and I lost all of them

Game One: Lee Sin Jungle doesn't know how to gank

Game Two: Lee Sin top 0/4, 33 CS by 17 min, 41 CS by 25 Min
Shyv decided she would jungle at lv 2 (She said shyv doesn't have enough damage at lv 1, so she decided not to take smite, and stayed top lane with her duo partner Lee Sin, and stayed until lv 3 to jungle) PS: I checked Lee Sin stats in LOLKing, it was his first ranked match, but it is intolerable at how much CS he had at 17 min mark ( average 1.5 CS per min !! )

Game Three: Our Sona fed enemy Vayne at least 7 kills within the first 15 min ( got caught infinite times in front of dragon), and our ADC just loves to facecheck brush, roam without wards, and always IN THE FRONTLINE IN EVERY TEAMFIGHTS, even after I told him to stay in the back

Game Four: I don't blame for having a lose lane, but what can I say when Teemo top lane couldn't harass Fiora. Stats: 12Min, Teemo had 50Cs, Fiora had 87 Cs, and Fiora still hadn't gone back to buy, she still had only a cloth armor and 3 health pots when I checked at 12 min mark. Then Teemo just "feeds", and Fiora had Boots, Wriggles Lantern, Infinity Edge and Blood Thirster by 25 MIN !!!!!!

I am not posting this thread to plead to reset my elo, but in attempt to raise the quality of ranked games. 1200 Elo Solo/Duo Ranked is all about which team have more trolls and have more unskilled players. Whichever team have less trolls and unskilled players wins.

Please raise the requirement to play ranked games, not just reaching lv 30 and having 16 champs.

Suggestions to requirement for play ranked games:
Certain amount of wins in normal games ( perhaps 400 or more ?)
Certain amount of monster and minion kills ( now they might serve some function)
Certain amount of takedowns
Certain amount of champions ( I mean more than 16, 16 is just way too few)
At least a full set of Tier 3 ruins

and most importantly: certain amount of game play times

Plz improve the quality of Low Elo Ranked matches