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Entropy and Kitae's

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The Bitterness, please actually read at least the first line of the last two posts in a thread or check the date of the post you are quoting. It helps prevent you from making false assumptions about what is going on. I necroed (1 week) this thread because I mention BFT in my post but specifically didn't want it lumped into the threads discussing whether it is overpowered or not. If you want to complain about BFT, there are two pages of threads for you to choose from.

great idea but i'd like to see the flat damage start smaller and scale a little too otherwise no one will ever build hp and just stack resists for fear of BFT and kitaes

I could see an AP ratio on the base damage for BFT, but what would you have Kitae's scale on? Levels or AD?

EDIT: Actually, I think adding scaling for the base damage would just make tuning it needlessly complex. If building health becomes a dominated option, just reduce the % bonus health damage a little or increase the cost of the item.

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The Bitterness:
As a Dominion player who has been continually frustrated by Riot's handling of Dominion, all things considered, I think it would be best for you to finish the conversation about Blackfire Torch before concerning yourself with the worth of other items. It is clear that the Blackfire Torch conversation is not finished, at least not in respect to answering questions I raised in Quintic's thread (http://na.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?t=2817077) about it.

To make things easier, I'll copy and paste my response to you here as well as a few important links:

"In a separate thread about BFT, you've agreed that the Dom community recognises several things well ahead of our SR counterparts (http://na.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?p=31394679#31394679) and mainly because SR has a more PvE-oriented focus while Dom is just the opposite.

You simply cannot contend that BFT is intended to address Mage efficiency issues on SR (http://na.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?p=31601867#31601867) when the item doesn't currently appear on SR and is causing severe problems on Dominion. Dominion, as you've rightly pointed out in other posts, is a playing field where it's about PvP and gold is a relative non-issue in comparison to SR. This means that Mages in Dom are already in, all things considered, a decent place and introducing BFT grossly upsets that balance.

You also cannot contend that BFT was made in isolation and not, to be fair to your argument, strictly intended for S3. The community has looked at this item and wondered if it saw any real testing because its power is remarkably apparent as soon as it's acquired. It's quite clear that the item was made in isolation and, at the risk of sounding a bit aggressive, there is a body of people wondering if it was even tested. After all, how could such a blatantly over-powered item make it through testing?

Unlike Summoner's Rift, Dominion is about PvP. Don't get me wrong, Summoner's Rift takes its own particular set of skills and I'm not trying to disparage it. What I'm getting at and what you've said yourself is that Dom is really and truly about PvP and BFT is, from what you're saying, an item that is intended for a more PvE-oriented game like Summoner's Rift. In that case there is no reason why BFT should be on Dominion and even less of a reason why we should be waiting for it to be 'nerfed' for Dominion when it doesn't belong and wasn't meant to address Mages on Dominion."

The above, of course, isn't an explicit question, it is an implied question of accountability when what's been said by you doesn't seem to make sense.

I do not believe that I have taken anything you have said out of context, however if I have taken anything out of context please elaborate what I have mistaken so that I'm not hanging on to any errors or putting words in your mouth. I do not want to do either of those things. What I want is the same thing many die-hard Dominion players want, irrespective of their level of play: accountability. Please don't misunderstand, I'm not 'calling you out,' or anything childish like that, I'm simply asking for an explanation when I put together the important things that you've said about Dominion and Blackfire Torch. It's not wrong to ask for accountability and that's all that I ask for, accountability and it's explanation.

So, ultimately, why was BFT even on Dominion in the first place and how, given your rationale for its existence, even remain on Dominion at all? Other items that have shown to be unfit on Dominion have been removed or were not even introduced to the map, yet BFT is neither intended nor fit for Dominion and remains. An explanation is necessary, especially before you ask for feedback about other items that impact the game much, much less.

EDIT: Cheers to anonymous downvotes for having a thoughtful, if negative, opinion on something!

ffs just shut up already he knows he's already nerfed it we had a big discussion with him on it over a week ago. just wait for the next patch im sorry you can't learn to be patient if its you can't stand it anymore wait two more days and make a pbe account