New vs Old TT - Real Data (video)

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FYI, let me know what you think:

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Few things on your vid...

1--You where blaming your loses on the new TT. More than likely your losses are a result of Rengar's nerfs not enabling your to insta gib someone by pressing Q twice.

2--There is zero actual data in this. There is your personal experience and while I agree with some of it nothing you said actually offers real data. Previous games you played with a single champ =/= real data.

3--You are judging yourself based on your kill/death ratio. K/D/A doesn't win games, although it helps, and it also doesn't make for good players. You pretty much proved your elitist mind set in the earlier part of the vid when you where blaming opponents for your loss because you had a good K/D/A.

4--I liked the old TT, I also like the new TT. Both are very unique and offer different strategies and styles of play. If you don't like one that is fine but just because you don't doesn't mean it lacks strategy.