PBE - Does not start!

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The normal client works fine, but i can't start the PBE-client for some reason.

On startup, the LoL splash icon just flickers, making it nearly impossible to do anything else, because the program gets in fron of any other program every 0.5 seconds. At this point it is impossible to kill the process via task manager, but i figured out that the process can be randomly stopped by multiple starting-attempts of the standard-client, until the question-box appears that asks if you want to kill launcher.

This just happens with a freshly unzipped LOLPBE.zip-client I downloaded at pbe.leagueoflegends.com

I just downloaded it because my PBE bugged around since yesterday:

On every update in the past 2 months, the first attempt showed an error. closing and reopening the PBE-client worked to finish any update - till yesterday.

So I chose to redownload PBE, ending up with being unable to launch it.

What can I do?

To explain the splash-logo-flicker:

it literally does. it pops and vanishes every 0.5 seconds and gets focused as window everytime it pops up, making it impossible to do anything else.