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[Champion Suggestion] Nosferatu, The Elder Vampire

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Disclaimer: All information posted is a roughdraft and not final nor is it balanced.

Name: Nosferatu
Title: Elder Vampire
Description:[Picture Nosferatu but in a LoL style. He wears a long black trenchcoat, at times he opens it somewhat and you can see yellow eyes inside. He has no shoes and simple pants.]
"Your blood shall be my wine!"
"Fly my children, fly!" (You hear bats chirping and flapping.)
"Ahahaha! <--(laughing) You cower before me, no?"
Dance: [Not sure.]
[Not sure.]

[Working on it.]


Health - 3/10
Attack - 2/10
Spells - 10/10
Difficulty - 7/10



Nosferatu's bloodline allows him to deal massive damage with his spells. He deals a additional (very minor like 0.25/0.50 etc)% of his damage toward his abilities. He has a natural affinity for ability power, and gains 1 extra AP per level up.

Q Ability:

[Shadow Touch]

Nosferatu lets lose his shadow, any minion in the cone goes under his control for 4/6/8/10/12 seconds. Any champion hit by this is dealt magic damage equal to Nosferatu's AP.

W Ability:

[Release Children]

Nosferatu opens his coat, allowing his 'children'(bats) to run amok. The bats follow Nosferatu as long as he has mana, every second he loses 30/25/20/15/10 mana to keep them going. Any enemy that gets near is attacked by the bats for 5/10/15/20/25 damage per bat and takes extra damage per every 15 AP.

E Ability:

[Essence Capture](passive)

Every time Nosferatu kills a minion he regains HP equal to 1/2/3/4/5% of it's total HP and Mana equal to 2/4/6/8/10% of it's total Mana.

R Ability:


Nosferatu transforms into a giant Werebat. Release Children is on while this ability is active and costs no mana per second, Shadow Touch can not be used. Nosferatu gains 20% increased movement speed, flight and 10% increased damage. This lasts for 20/40/60 seconds.

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I like the idea but sounds a bit OP.

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I already noted that I know it isn't balanced and this is just a roughdraft. Thats why you balance him out.

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Drake O Dagger

Senior Member


Normally I'd agree with Grob that this is OPed a bit, but its not. If you look at it, almost ALL the damage you could hope to do will come from AP. While its obviously a DPS character, its not gonna do much damage until you buy up AP, and most of the abilities aren't that uber. Shadow Touch might be a bit iffy, but nothing else is really bad at all. You should include costs, range, and cooldown though. That helps make it more obvious how balanced an ability is.