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Playing as an ADC...

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So i am typically a player who prefers to play ranged champions, mainly because I am incapable of multitasking buffs and reacting up close, such as Mundo for example. I can't time his abilities right and being so close to people just closes my gap, so I stick with ranged champions, most notably ADC's.

So i main two champions right now, Graves and Varus. I am having very up and down games, I play a game where I do decently, I play a game where I play not so well, and then I just play games where I do good and bad. I tend to play better as Varus, and idk if that's because I mainly go mid with him.

I want to get better with these two guys but I am having a trouble committing to situations, and I am having a trouble of knowing when to push, when to run, when to support, and when to generally act. As Graves, I tend to make stupid decisions that get me killed, such as dashing forward to buckshot someone only to get denied and slaughtered. As Varus, I tend to be unable to push consistently to get enough stacks to burst enough as would be wanted with him.

I don't know what I am doing wrong, and I try my best to stick with my team or lane partner whenever I can, but either the other team focuses me out or I am doing something wrong.

Does anyone have tips for me on how to analyze my situations properly and knowing how to operate with these two champions more consistently and effectively? I also wonder for when are good times to pop some of their abilities as well, as I think i might have bad timing as well.

Anyways, thank you to anyone who is willing to help a fellow LoLer out

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Having a good support helps you out. It dictates how aggressive you can really be. I don't play Graves or Varus, but it's probably similar to all ACD's. Don't over-extend to the point where they can positions themselves to quickly kill you. Stay near your support, and have good awareness.

I know sometimes people get tunnel vision and focus on getting that kill or destroying a tower, but sometimes it's best to back off and not get a kill/tower then give their team 300 (if not more) gold.