TALENTED ARTISTS: Requesting Summer Spell Artwork

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Hello, I'm not sure if this is entirely the right place, please forgive me if it is not.

I am getting custom key caps for my mechanical keyboard, and need a custom summoner spell "flash" icon. After some research I found a suitable picture for Ignite- see attachment- but I want something in a similar style (entirely transparent except for black artwork). I know there are plenty of talented artists here on fan art and I really hope one (or a couple) of you would be willing to help me out.

If anyone could also do something for clairvoyance (I think perhaps an eye would be suitable?) and smite, maybe even heal (a bandaid or medkit, perhaps?) as well it would be great. And if you feel my ignite one isn't great feel free to change(?) it!

Please remember that only one colour (black) as well as transparency can be used.

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Is there any sort of copyright issue with just using the icons for the spells themselves only high-contrast? So the icon itself would be just inked out with black. What size does something like that have to be to go nicely onto a keyboard anyway? I'm not really experienced with that sort of thing, haha.