General Guide to Queue Styles

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Co-op vs a.i.

This queue is the sort of place to do troll builds etc. A fun queue for screwing around without any pressure from peers. Also good for learning basic mechanics such as csing and jungle clearing. Bots play quite agressive compared to players so this can be used to force an agressive 2v1 lane situation.
This queue should be chosen to just have fun, it's uncompetitive and good for having a laugh with random people or friends.

Normal Queue

The first of the pvp queues, this is a queue where you can play with friends and try unorthodox stuff. There's not much pressure on a player here as losing doesn't matter that much. This queue is all about having fun playing the game, and for playing with multiple friends.
This queue should be chosen to learn things about the game or practice mechanics, or to play with a group of friends.

Ranked Solo/Duo

The second pvp queue, this is (in theory) the most competitive queue for a singe person. This has a ladder style system with number ratings known as elo. This is usually a queue where you play your best and try to win to climb this ladder and find your true rating, then attempt to improve upon this rating.
This queue should be chosen if you want to play seriously and have a decent knowledge of the game.

Ranked Premade

The most competitive queues, this is where full teams attempt to use their skills and strategies to win against another premade doing the same thing. This is often used for a competitive experience without needing to rely on team mates.
This queue should be chosen if you are a group wanted to play competitively.