Why got my thread closed about the Tribunal?!

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First of all....There is no comment why it is closed?!
Which is very unfriendly and unfair.

I didn't say anything wrong and disrespectful.


Originally Posted by Neferate

I completly agree with what he is saying. What do you guys think about it?


Don't say 'him' and 'he'. You know very well that you are the creator of this video.

You simply disagree with the path laid out by Riot. You either adjust to it or search for a game that shares your opinion on this.
Riot does care about attitude and behaviour. It is up to you what to do about that.

You need to take responsibility for your actions! (That's a quote from your video by the way. You being banned is the consequences of your actions and you should take the responsibility for it.)

Thats a post what SimpleAlive said !
I am not the Creator of this Video.
You can always check my account , Inever got a Suspension and it is my own.
I am female and his fiance. And I did saw what happend and what you people say is just unfair and this bann wasn't right.

I don't care about a forumban but to ban his account for the game wasn't right and for which reason?
He always was one of the best player on the team...check his matchhistory before he did start to troll.
And you always could check that we played together games so How should it be the same person who is talking right now?!

The tribunal system does not work°! Maybe 10% got a fair decision but the rest is trolled bei so many people.
there are also other videos from him where people also comment " Hey yeah I am doing the same as tribunal lol"

And now my thread got closed....this just shows me that something goes wrong here.
Especially since I am a own mod on a couple forums and normally you say why it got closed and make a comment at the end !