Looking for Duo Queue/Team Partners

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As the title suggests I'm seeking a Duo Queue Partner/Rank 5's team for S3.

I'm highly competitive and play Solo Top. I did a lot of Jungling in S2 so I know my stuff when it comes to that, I also did Solo Mid a lot as well, I don't do Support/ADC very well simply because unless it's the Jungler/Enemy in my lane, I do really ****. The reasoning for this is because I'm always thinking about the positioning of me and everyone else in my lane before anything else, Because of this if I've got 3 other people in my lane (4-5 if the jungler is there or more) then I get really out of my comfort zone during the laning phase.

Past the laning phase I'm an outstanding team fighter. I usually build whatever my team needs rather then what I personally need, So if we need a Frozen Heart on our team and our Jungler/Support doesn't have it yet and I can get it, I'm getting it, even if it doesn't do a lot for me. That being said the only thing any champ wouldn't use is the mana[And that's only for manaless champions] Other then the mana it's a great pick for almost any Solo Top/Jungler/Support so I typically get it.

I'm highly competitive so when I play, I play to win, I don't give up and I hardly ever surrender unless I know 100% for a fact that we cant win even if we get amazing team fights from that point forward. Because of this I tend to get very feisty when I'm playing and I tend to be off in my own world when I'm laning, Past laning I'm always gauging the team's strengths and weaknesses and I will either be up at the front tanking damage and initiating, Or I'll be sticking with the APC/ADC and peeling anyone that tries to jump on them off.

IGN: Kiechiro

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Sent you a request IG.