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Hey guys, i know youve probably seen a few of my posts in here asking why i have been banned and for another evaluation. But im not here for that... The truth is, every time i log into league of legends there is a few second delay before the clicking and loggin in, and every time this happens im just expecting to be banned. Im not very good at dealing with ragers and 'feeders' (eg people who 1st pick a lane, then get countered hard, rage, and dont learn). I have come a long way from when i first started playing. I don't rage nearly as hard as i used to, I try to give people advice, but they usually take it the wrong way and end up reporting me. So i was wondering if i could get a few pointers to get better at dealing with them, if this is just a message from one of you guys or an admin or something that would be great. If you were to look at past games, maybe give me an exaple and show what i should do that would be even better
A semi toxic trying to get better player

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Tswizzle SF

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It's not hard to never get in trouble. If you're a self admitted rager, you're 95% of the way there. It's frustrating when you lose, it's a bummer when you get bad teammates, but it is never justified to treat others badly. Remember, we're all playing this game to have fun, win or lose.

Instead of getting angry at your teammates when they are struggling, try to help them out, either by encouraging advice or helping them out personally. Telling them they're bad, noob, feed, terrible, whatever else you might say, will never help them improve - in fact, is usually discourages them from trying and increases the chance they're going to leave the game or come out of it just frustrated and in a terrible mood.

Being nice isn't being weak. Being supportive and helping is what leaders do.