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Lf teacher...

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Zyra is more about aim then positionning from my point of view...but w/e...sight in bush matter less, you can just guess where they are and spam spell
Lulu is all about harass or def you hero you got many posibilities here...
Sona is all about sight from bush and not being seen (to kite em)...ppl may pink ur bush and deny ur adc farm f hes more tanky like nunu or taric or leona
Janna is about shielding ur adc twice in a teamfight to win it...
and soraka is all about heal mana to boost dmg... or mute before ur adc get cc...dont always work...require a good adc with dmg...no dmg means u gonna have to outrange em with spell and play def...

and you should think about how you can snowball other lanesand teamfight...not just help your adc...(from my point of view but...yea w/e...)

like janna is split teams in teamfight...a bit like a grab from bliutz if succesful...
sona stun and deal some low dmg or heal...speed could be useful for adc to kite or w/e
zyra is her ulti and root to protect adc and apc
lulu ulti to pretty much kill their focus on 1 player ... slow shield ... or ... polymorph their adc...
soraka....heal...mute apc...

lulu and janna got speed bonus...meaning you could perhaps roam between lanes... or soraka global heal during lane phase

and i find it sad that you didnt add me but w/e :c

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Sam Is Whoa

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I know everyone is really busy with season 3 just starting.

If anyone can just play one or two games with me every few nights that would help me a lot,

ALSO! To answer your question:

If you are 1300 elo you probably don't have as much experience as someone who is 2000 elo. You may be top of the line in 1300 or 1500 elo, but at the higher elos you play a different crowd. There is a different way to play honestly. You can't make as many mistakes, be as agressive etc . . . when playing diamond level players. They simply aren't caught out of position as often and everything must be calculated to avoid any "backfires":

The game is different at different elos. A 2500s player may play a 1500 and lose because they aren't used to that play style. I am trying to learn to play against plat and diamond player level for when my team hits tournaments.

I am awful with positioning with the squishy supports. I am looking to play with Zyra, Lulu, Sona and Janna.

Understandable. I only play two or three games a night and always fill positions whether or not I am good or comfortable with it. I do not have as much experience as a 2000 elo player but that does not mean I dont know how to position and play. If your on a team you should play with your team because their playstyle will dictate how you play not the other way around.

I appreciate your answer and understand your reasoning. You are a one of the very few civil people in this community as seen by downvotes on my post offering help. Hope you get better like you want.

My advice would be to get LoLreplay and watch your games back to see where things went wrong and how you could have changed things, either with a diff spell combo or diff ward placement or positioning. Sometimes you cant change things and your team needs to work better. Either way you will be able to critique your own play and change accordingly.

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I am looking for a support teacher that was plat/diamond in season 2 so I can get some practice in with higher elos. I need help with squishy supports so please know how to adc so you can tell me everything I do wrong! haha