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What option would you prefer

As is 11 47.83%
Invisible 7 30.43%
Seperated 3 13.04%
Removed 2 8.7%
Voters 23 .

Remove the downvote option

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Glow Flies

Senior Member


The upvote/downvotes system does provide one other useful function currently:

Identifying correct/incorrect information.

For example, let's say you're new. If you make a thread asking "Do Riven's spells benefit from life steal or spell vamp?", you're going to get both correct and incorrect responses. The vote system will distinguish them.

I used that example, because that sort of thread happens periodically on GD, and you can see this exact thing play out. You get people saying "Spell Vamp" with upvotes, and some people saying "Life Steal" with downvotes. The votes serve as a way for people who know what's actually going on (luckily, they are the majority on the forums it seems) to weigh in without bloating the thread.

Then there are threads with the troll posts getting 100+ upvotes. http://na.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?t=2796316 second post

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Senior Member


i like the system because when you are going casually around the forum and an interesting topic came up. you click on it and see that there are 15+ pages, what do i do now? if it was me, i wouldnt read everything after the 3rd page. i would just read the most upvoted ones and downvoted ones to see the community's opinion on that topic