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An in-depth analysis of Zed

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108th Fruit

Senior Member


Bad talons attack once.

Good talons auto then Q for the reset. And I run crit on Talon anyway.

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As an avid Talon player and now proud player of Zed, I'd like to put in 2 cents.

Of the two of them, I think I like Zed more for 3 reasons:

1. Can Jungle (Talon jungle just ain't there)

2. Energy Based Champ (As Talon has major #manaproblems)

3. Is Ninja

Bottom Line: In today's meta, I like playing Zed more

EDIT1: Seen a lot of folks saying that Zed has energy problems, I disagree! Those double-hit regen procs are how you win as Zed, AND if you combo your ult with his W, and hit Q`s and E`s, you almost gain full energy

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Corporal Cupcake

Senior Member



Unless you can master Zed, I'd stick with Talon mid lane. Don't screw over your team. He has a high skill cap, maybe the highest in the game. (More than Xerath, who people claim is the hardest champion.)

Xerath is easy as hell. I should know, I play him. The only trouble he has is his awfully mana hungry and low damage early game, which even Athene's can't completely fix. His late game is ridiculous though. Reason he isn't played is why should I play him when Brand has way more damage all game, is less mana hungry, has a longer stun, has more aoe, and isn't completely ult reliant? He may be strong, but there are champions that do his job better and in a more fun way.

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Junior Member


I have never played talon, although i took Zed mid in a norms since no one wanted mid (ironic i know). I was laning against a lux, and i have read many forums saying he us useless early game. I beg to differ.

By getting my w first i was able to charge her every time she went to farm preventing farm and lowering her health decently every time. By lvl 3 i got the first kill with my q lvl 1 and w lvl 2, personally i find the extra ad very helpful early game but i hear tons say otherwise. Late game i suggest trying more of a lee sin ad build rather then a talon build. I find like in both lee and zed, they can be glass cannons that if played right will destroy thier whole team. How ever most of us are not op pro. So doing a mallet and razors early game will help late game more then you know. :P

His jungle time is insanely quick. Yet, i find even tho he can bust like crazy with his ult. He is lacking some good true cc other then the slow. You have to more so rely on the fact the lane is good, has its own cc, 100% committed and ready for the gank.

Top lane he doesn't quite have that survivabilty that most top lanes have. Yes you can start out with some life steal but it kinda sells short with zed.

And the biggest mistake i see in zed players is team fights. They try to take him strait into the thick of things and end up going down faster then any apc. The trick is to hurrass in team fights waiting for their apc to open take it out and wait for the next to open.

STRATEGIC teams always win