Anyone else getting this?

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So basically I queue up with a friend for what will be his 2nd ranked game s3 and my first. He won his first not more than 10 mins before we go to play so he is pumped. First thing that happens, he bug splats and has a 25 minute update. This whole time im sitting in the loading screen with everyone 100 percent and him at the disconnected state. However, as soon as he logs back in, done with his strange update, the client closes and sends me to the endgame screen where it shows me as a leaver in a 20 or so minute-ish game. I have never had this happen before, along with my friend.

TL;dr friend bugsplats, game never starts for me, cause team to lose horribly 3v5. great way to start s3. neither of us has ever had technical difficulties with this game. riot op