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ap mage rune page help.

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Archer Lusk



I need help with building a rune page that would work with a few of my ap mage champions. I know every champ is different but who has that kind ip....

My main ap mages are Annie, Xerath, and Malzahar but I have others I use.


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It's kinda standard, but I do full Magic pen Marks, 5 mana regen/5 seals for early mana regen and 4 scaling mana regens (or will be 4 when I get to 30), and then full flat AP glyphs. I still don't know what my Quints are gonna be though. I actually played Xerath and Malzahar a lot level 5-20 ish, and the W.I.P. version of my rune page worked fairly well for them.

*non text-block version*
9 greater mark of insight
5 Greater seal of replenishment
4 Greater seal of clarity
9 Greater glyph of potency

Quints, unknown.