Ranked Game Problem

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Champions weren't available for selection.

I know there is a bug in the champions tab of a person's summoner's profile where a good portion of the champions are missing from the list, leaving gaps. To fix this, one can click a couple of the various attributes of the left until the missing champions fill in.

However, a similar problem occurred to me in a ranked game. I recently played a ranked game where I was last pick for my team and half of my Champions were missing. I was mid and only had one option that was showing for a mid- Kassadin. However, I got counter picked with a Kha'Zix. We ended up losing the game but I was really mad that the bug prevented me from choosing a mid to better suit my team, especially in a ranked queue that ended up demoting me. I have been on a recent losing streak and I'm tired of little things like this that cause me to end up losing games. Is this bug normal?