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Why was this pardon? Baddies...

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Game 1: 1/11 Ashe. THREE people on his team thought he created a toxic game for them.

Game 2: Called his team noob. I don't really care about that - but I know a lot of thin skinned folks do. (If this was the only game I wouldn't punish)

Game 3: 0/11 Vayne. He also NEVER spoke. Refusing to communicate with team and/or assisting enemy team. I'd punish for this game.

Game 4: Refused to communicate with team. No chat log at all.

Game 5: Refused to communicate with team. No chat at all.

And this was a strong majority pardon? THE HELL?

1. people think any one with a lower than 1/1 kdr is toxic
2. no he said noob? I would consider that rude but not punishable by itself
3. him 0/11/5 his team 1/10/3, 0/11/0, 6/9/7, 8/9/0 You should never use this comparison to condem a man for feeding say he is 0/10/1 and his team is ALL 35/0/55 does in NO WAY make him a feeder. but since tou can clearly see an even spread of deaths unless over the team he is clearly not feeding so his kdr is not a factor.

3. b. look at the chat logs his whole team is fighing I would not say anything either.
4. 5. no one is talking to him either so are they all also punishable for not comunicating? no matter how you look at it not using the chat log in game is in no way pardonable. I don't really use it any more myself because I am usually playing with friend on barrowed computers on poor internet(high chance of lag or dc) so because of all that I do play on a level 6 account. (I usually duo queue with some one that can't win against easy bots they are so bad not using a smurf account would be dumb.) But I don't see the need to comunicate with my team then I had a team raging at me for leaving my lane 35 minutes into the game while they were fighting 4 vs 5 team fights? I have had people report me for not clicking surrender, they are equally "ruining" my game by trying to surrender as I am by not voting to surrender. I play to win and I play hard games because that is how you get good if people can't handle that then they shouldn't play with other people.

Final verdict case 100% pardonable.

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1 - Not true.