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GGWP Amateur Gaming League S1 sign ups are now open!

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Basic info:

Game Mode: 5vs5 SR Tournament Draft
Form: 12 teams in one league, different leagues based on ELO
Games: Each team will play each other once, followed by a knockout tournament.

First of all, the website to sign up:


The post I made earlier on Reddit:


About 1 month ago I made this post on Reddit about my idea of making an amateur LoL league, and the amount of attention it gained from this community was nothing short of amazing. Lots of people contacted me, not only to help, but also to show their appreciation for this concept in general. I worked closely with a few of them in the past month to further develop this concept.
All this attention and people contacting me to help has really motivated me to make this thing happen. Although I have minimal experience in web development, I started to work on this idea and make it functional. As I expected it took me a lot of time to work it out and make everything like I wanted it to be, but because it was a personal dream of mine I was motivated to make it through.

At this time I am very proud to announce that the sign ups to the amateur league has officially been opened, and I welcome all the amateur teams that are looking for a platform to compete. The sign-ups are opened right now, and the actual first season will start on the 18th of November (depending on the amount of teams that have signed up). I want to invite you all to head to the following website and sign up for season 1: http://www.ggwellplayed.com Please read the news post on the front page on how to sign up your team. If you are still having problems feel free to mail me at [email]admin@ggwellplayed.com[/email].

Hopefully I am able to welcome you on the website, and hopefully I can see you and your team participate in the league in the near future!

Thanks a lot!