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Hi LoL Community!

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Hi There Fellow Summoners,
I just recently started playing League of Legends less than a week or two ago, and I was wondering if any of you people out there could possibly give me a few reccomendations on who to try playing. I currently love Twitch, Ashe, and Soraka. But I am always open to trying new champions.

P.S. If any of you would like to play with me, my summoner name is youmynikkuh


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For the cheaper champions I'd say Morgana, Annie or Malphite(if you want to play a tank). Annie is free right now, and I would suggest trying Caitlyn who is also free.

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If you are buying champions with IP, I recommend: Tristanna (free, ADC), Alistair (free, support, jungler), Sivir (450 IP, ADC), Jax & Malphite (1350 IP, top++ and jungler), Eve (1350, mid), Amumu (1350, jungler), Singed (1350 IP, top), Taric (1350 IP, support), and Twisted Fate (1350 IP, mid).

ADC = ranged physical attack damage carry, and mid = mage, ability power based carry

These champions are competitive.

Try champions when they are free and buy them if you like them.