Low Level Reports

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So I was playing with a friend who is new at the game. And I started a low level account to play with him. Granted first timers are kinda lost until after a few levels. But the amount of animosity towards him was ridiculous. After he gave first blood by being ganked, my team was talking down to him so much (He was level 5 btw). They were all going to report him for feeding. He stopped playing after that because he didn't want a bad tribunal record. I mean really why would people stoop so low to make fun of first timers because they already have a level 30 account? I felt kinda bad about it since it made his first league experience complete ****. It didn't happen just once, apparently when he didn't push a tower people freaked out over that also. Like honestly I think some people need to chill and remember they are on a low level account so you might be getting some newer players in the community.