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Tower Dive Weekly Tournament #3 Announcement!

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Hey guys!

We would like to introduce to you the Tower Dive Weekly Tournament #3!

What is this tournament?
This will be a weekly, open bracket tournament, in which teams can compete for 5 10$ RP Cards every week!

If the tournament becomes consistently larger, the prize pool will begin to expand, as will the brackets, in order to accommodate all teams wishing to participate in the tournament.

If you would like to watch a video explanation of this tournament and TowerDiveTV, click here (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K_b_VH_n0pw&feature=youtu.be)!

How is the tournament played?
The tournament is played by Bo1 (Best of One) Standard Tournament Draft, Summoners Rift games. If you lose your match, your team is out of the tournament, if you win, you progress onto the next round.

Upon start time simply join the in game chat room TowerDiveTV to check in and start up your match against the enemy team, brackets will be posted one hour to start time so you’ll know who you’re going up against. All wins need to be reported in the chat to an admin to advance through the bracket.

When does the tournament begin?
Saturday, 17th November at 2pm EST, substitutes and players can only be added up until one hour before the start time.

Signups for the tournament are now open, and will close on Friday, 16th November.

How can I sign up?
All teams wishing to participate must sign up on the League of Legends thread below, to do this, simply fill out the signup form below and post it there!
*If you post it in this thread it will not be added to the bracket!*

Substitutions are allowed, but must be on your team roster one hour before the tournament starts.

Enter the tournament on the link below:
If you want to spectate the tournament, it will be casted over at http://www.own3d.tv/TowerDiveTV.
(We will also be giving away some 10$ RP cards during the stream as well!)

For teams, the brackets can be found on the twitter a few hours prior to the tournament starting, twitter.com/TowerDiveTV (http://twitter.com/TowerDiveTV)

We hope to see you all there!

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I GO lN DRY 420



Thank goodness! Been waiting for this for like 5 days!
Cpt: YourButtCrack
Team: DudeChiL. DaHyuskeNakashi, Redire, Option, YourButtCrack
Subs: Lrrr of Omicron
Team Name: TheUrfRider

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Cpt: adn07jhe
Team: hot skull pappy, rafaael, adn, subtley,
Subs: Dlvlnity, reignman
Team Name: Global Alliance