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Surviving a camping

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so ok here's the thing.

i was playing a game winning my lane i was lux vs ahri, i was trying to get the most advantage with my range. i was winning by about 20 cs at ~6-10 of the game.
Lee start ganking i had ward so it was ok he failed, and after he came back every 30 sec to my lane , with this i lose a few cs and me and ahri were even, but lee kept camping and with her ult and lee's on ahri have been able to grab a kill (me), under my own turret.

now ahri had about 10 and 1 kill ahead of me at this point i had chalice and Catalyst, this way i was able to farm and being strong enough to survive a dive, lee a kept camping and they were poking me (with lee Qand E and abd ahri all her spell) they bring me to 75% hp and they dived me(lee tanked it and ahri took the kill. from thatahri was able to snowball and keep making me back ( or dive me by her self).

I really fell like if i played my best i could and i still lose. i bought 1 ward everyback and stayed more on the side where i have the ward farm with my range dont overextend, ahri was pushing more than me the whole lanning phase buying a few pot to stay.

Why have i lost, because our jungler(rengar) never came to gank/counter gank i was asking for a gank, everytime he answered something stupid.

-(rengar)You can't win you lana by your self,
-(lux) im asking for a gank, you havent ganked yet on anylane
-(rengar) it not the jungler to make you win your lane

At some point what he said wasnt wrong, jungler are not support so be needed to win( or be even) but he should have come to gank he had to take advantage of their stupid decision. I never blame him for not comming but he didnt gank once the whole lanning phase. And this it totally his fault.

On top of that ahri have got everyblue since ~4-5 min of the game and i got none even at 22 min rengar took them all.

Since i was losing i tryed to gank but everytime let was near or ahri to stop me or my team was pushed

so here are my question

-How to survive when someone camped you.

-What to do with that kind of jungler

-Have i done something wrong?

-If what i said is right, was it his(the jungler) fault?

-Should i report him?

Sry my english isnt really good

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The proper play would be for your jungler to either countergank your lane, counterjungle for free, gank other lanes knowing that their jungler isn't around, or sneak a Dragon. You rightfully should have gotten every Blue past 2:10. You just had a bad jungler.

Grabbing Catalyst+Chalice+wards was one of your best plays to keep up the farm safely. Something you might also have considered is clearing your wave fast and running off to gank while telling Rengar to hold your lane. If he's not ganking your lane, you should help the other lanes to snowball and win a fast turret and start playing for midgame. If your turret goes down, then that means Lee will be behind farm (assuming he's really camping the lane) and you should have gotten some kills or zoned the other lanes. If Ahri is trying to push hard and you're forced to sit at your turret, then ganking wouldn't be a possibility so hopefully either your jungler or top (maybe even bot) can come up to gank and force teamfights.

In most 1v2 scenarios, there is little you can do outside of trying for whatever CS you can get while not getting harassed and trying not to die. However, it sounded like you were still able to farm a bit, so without a replay I would bet that pushing and roaming would have been the best strategy.

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when your loosing your cs, grab a few gp10 items and understand that your probably not going to be the carry at this point. I will grab utility items like RoA and Rylias to make sure that I can help the AD carry.
As for your jungler...Never be afraid to ask for a gank, it is no different then running down to ambush the enemy jungler in bot. I read on another article; "try to entice the jungle by offering them the kill".
Wraith camp is another very important thing to keep your cs as high as you can get it.
If your defensive enough they will eventually roam or take your tower and you'll be able to get your cs back up.
Also try and make sure that your wards are wherever they commonly gank from. Sometimes they will back off if you throw stuff at them while they feel sneaking in the bushes.
Against an Ahri pairing, know her skillshots (especially considering she'll be on sale coming up here quick). If you can dodge the charm and the orb you'll usually be fine.
If your using Lux against a bursty matchup, try and save your bind for when they leap in, so that you'll have enough time to escape.