The Tribunal Accuracy Problem

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Dark Sentry



I'm down to 90% accuracy now for pardoning players that are harassed into bad behavior even though their bad behavior isn't even that bad compared to the teammates harassing them...

This accuracy system needs to be changed... It just enforces the mentality that you should punish for everything, even though, without the problem teammates, I believe these players would be fine...

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It's ironic that I feel similarly discouraged by the accuracy statistic, but because I think the Tribunal is too lenient.


Another case here:
I would appreciate feedback with reasoning as to why these people are being punished.
See, this is a difference of opinion. To me, this is a clear punish. Just taking a look at game 1:
He starts off already being negative to the duo queuers. "I'm already Plat, I don't care lol" is also negative attitude. He follows this up with verbal abuse "you suck", "shut up scrub". Overall, it feels as if he was intensely negative to his teammates and constantly blaming them instead of providing constructive feedback.
Games 2 and 3 are similar.