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Why is it acceptable to treat banned people like trash?

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Von Nicklesnout

Senior Member


Thems the breaks. Since they can't stop you from just making a new account that's the real punishment. Losing money.

If they really wanted to, they could just IP ban. So you know. Moreso pissed that a support ticket was handled by some kind of outsourced robot named "Nat4u", instead of an actual human being that sees I want a maximum of maybe 3 days to not do ANYTHING toxic as a final plea bargain.

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Alexandra Avdey

Senior Member


These are all quotes from comments left to people who got suspended/banned by the tribunal

"Stop being a dickwad"

"must be hard to be a decent human being, your parents must have been garbage tier.
found your problem, sorry can't help change your toxic upbringing."

"Reform card or stfu."

"You got reported for being a whiney d0uchebag"

"stop being a tool."

"no one cares you ****"

"Shut up you gay sheep man."

"you deserve it f*ktard."

"ur a faget"

Now mind you if these people had said this stuff in game they would be facing the same wrath of the tribunal as the users they are speaking to.

Why is it acceptable to treat people this way just because they got banned? It shouldn't be.

If they're going to ban people for something as small as calling someone a noob, or being annoying, why is behavior like this acceptable?

This community loves to crucify people, and for many it's only so they can mock the party who was already punished.

I have never been banned, i don't think i'll ever be banned. That still does not give me the right to treat people who have been like they are beneath me.

Why is it ok to swear at them, call them dicks and ****, but in game they are so senstive towards any aggression?

Different circumstances call for difference codes of behavior.

You talk trash during a game, technical foul/unsportsmanlike conduct penalty; talk trash in post-game interviews, you get a heck of a lot more leeway. You start a shouting match inside a restaurant, you get banned from returning; you take it out to the the parking lot, you get more leeway.

How hard is that to understand?

When you are in a game, players aren't there to argue who's the bigger moron/dick/jackass, so STFU and play. When you are out here in the forums, you get more leeway.

More importantly, though, out here in the parking lot, your poor behavior disrupts Riot's business much less, so they are less inclined to **** with you. In the restaurant proper, Riot is selling gaming experiences, so if you mess with their business in there by behaving poorly, you get your ass kicked by management.

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cuz they trash bro.

nothin wrong treating trash like trash.