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Looking for another champ

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I've narrow it down to...

Rengar, Miss Fortune, Swain, Elise, and Diana

I honestly just want opinions on this champs. Examples are if you feel like those champs aren't viable in rank, they really really depend on their team. Maybe there are better picks then the champions stated for whatever role I am playing them.

Thanks in advance

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BIood Fox



Rengar - Insane damage right out of the jungle. Great mobility, and great ganks. Nothing wrong except it's even harder to play him if you're not yet used to jungle.
Miss Fortune - Great ADC. I have fun playing her... Her E slows, and Q is a nice poke if you like to stay back. Her R is great in teamfights, but annoying voice... her W is also a poison ( i believe) It's a nice little damage addition to her right clicks.
Swain - Ultimate allows healing... the more minions/champions around you, the better... so he's more of a teamfighter... But is also great for picking a single champion out of their team, snare/slow/DoT combo is insane DPS, but he's mana hungry early game... as are most champions...
Elise - I can't say much about her. She's got nice chase spells, snares, and her ultimate creates smaller spiders making her attacks even better with just right clicking... (i haven't played her... so not entirely sure i can help you here.... nor do i think she's viable currently for ranked games... but i never fought her in ranked so eh..)
Diana - GREAT middle. Q pokes really easily, if you know how to curve it the right way. Her shield can save her in tight situations, as well as the Q R combo can get her mobility to one of the higher champions' mobilities. Her E also slows and pulls toward you, so it's even easier to chase... I don't really see a downside to her... yet.

Renger, Swain, and Diana are all viable completely in ranked play... Fortune is iffy in ranked, as she's easily out poked early game, but that depends on who you decide to fight against...Elise is just a no in my opinion.

Hope this helps..