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LF 3's/5's Team

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Teemo Touches Me



So, I'm making this thread in hopes that I can find a new 5's or 3's team. I've been playing mainly ranked lately but solo queue is just a nightmare. I try to stay positive and be a team player, but that doesn't affect the random people I'm matched up with.

Here's some details on me as a person/player and my experience with the game;

I'm 16 years old and have been playing League since closed beta.. so about, 3-4 years. I'm laid back and easy going and STRONGLY believe that strong communication and teamwork is what wins games. I've always loved arena-based games such as League, and have played HoN, DotA Allstars and DotA 2 a lot, probably accumulating over 2k games on everything excluding League.

On League, I have around 1050 normal wins, 1.8k~ games played, 218 wins ranked, 219 losses.

I put diverse in the title because I can play any role that I need to fit at an acceptable level. While I do accel with roles such as AP carry/ADC/Top/Jungle, I can do support just fine and am familiar with warding positions, counter warding and continue to learn.

Even though I believe I can play any role, I believe top to be my best. I'm familiar with all of the strong "metagame" champions.

In order, I believe this to be my role priority list, complete personal preference as others may see my skill as different.

Top > Mid > ADC > Jungle > Support

This is a link to my lolking, showing my ranked stats, and unfortunately, my 1271 ELO. (http://www.lolking.net/search?name=I+go+to+the+gym)

I left out my ELO in the title for a reason. Now, I know everybody hears this a lot and I'm sure you hear it even more in the recruitment forum, but I do not believe I should be around the 1300 bracket. I see myself at least at maybe the 1600-1700 level, but I'm very unlucky with the teams I get. I'm not saying it's entirely my teams fault, but with a structured and well coordinated team I believe I could do better. This is a trust thing, though, and the only way to prove it is to give me a chance.

If it interests any one, my honor stats include...

18 Friendly
15 Helpful
42 Teamwork
68 Honorable Opponent

Have the Honorable Opponent ribbon.

I don't believe strongly in this system and find it not the fairest way to judge people, but for everyone that has no idea who I am it's somewhat of a baseline.

Also, I live in Canada on the east coast, GMT -4, I have a mic available at all times and would obviously not be afraid to join teamspeak, vent, skype, whatever it may be.

Please contact me in-game under the name I Go To The Gym if anyone has a spot for me. Thanks.

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Teemo Touches Me