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Suggestion: Further AFK detection measures

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So as I whittle down the half hour dodge timer I imposed upon myself as our mid randomly selected Irelia (literally random) and didn't say a thing up until the 1 second before the game starts (when I chose to leave) I have time to reflect upon afk detection in the game.

The addition of the Accept/Decline pop-up was a much needed change and something that many people asked for. The occurrence of having to deal with an AFK player is much better now, however a few still slip through the cracks.

My suggestion is as follows:

1. If a player gets a randomly selected character then a button next to their icon appears, which all players on your team can click to mark that person as AFK.
2. If all 4 (2, 3?) other members of the team click the button then that person has a pop up on their screen asking if they are there.
3. If they are, they click it and nothing happens. If they are not the game cancels and that person is removed from queue with a 30 min dodge timer (following normal dodge timer growth rules).
4. You could even make it so your team has to do this before the next person selects their character or something if you want to avoid more abusability.

Reasons this is a good thing:

1. Fewer AFKer games!
2. The person who deserves the dodge gets it
3. Even if that person comes back, they're likely to not have the correct characters choice anyway, it alleviates unfair games
4. A pre-made of 4 can't force the cancellation of a perceived losing game (based on champ select or something) upon the last person as it requires that last person effectively agree (which they won't as they'll get a dodge timer).
5. At worst, it's just like a dodge.

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also im waiting for the poppy remake.
shes my main

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How about a penalty if you are standing still for 5 minutes or more you will be flagged afk which would mean you will not be entitled to any IP and Exp at the end of a game. To clear it you must kill a enemy champion or get a assisted kill of a champion. If you are flagged afk 2-3 times in a single match the system should boot you from the game and you will have a 5-10 minute matchmaking cooldown for all modes other than custom. Also a feature where on the scoreboard players can report a player afk and if a majority is reached on the vote the player is either flagged afk or booted from the game. A feature to help offset the missing player would have the character selected by the afk player lets say Ashe in this case the computer would automatically take over playing it. The only trouble would be setting a reasonable AI difficulty as it would be fair for both teams.