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Willing to help a couple of average player

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Hi there,

Sometime i get bored, and solo q either ranked or normal sometime.. arf.. you know.. don't feel like it.

So what I'm trying to do here is to help 1 or 2 person to improve their skill in general at the game. Most of the time i think, its a lack of mechanic knowledge.

Who am i? Just a random guy really, Skilled? Well if for you "skilled" is my elo, well stop reading right here because i am 1549, i was 1700 only in april 2012 and got back to 1400 or 13ish something by elo decay. (Solo Q Ranked Score: 61/34 64.2% victory) So yeah there is way better teacher out there.

So if I'm unskilled/low elo how can i help you? Well i have over 4k Dota game, and probably around 3k LoL game. I have been playing MOBA for a couple year now so i think i understand pretty well the mechanic. Also i can help you better on the ADC role since i have way more experience there.

Are you trying to scam me there? : I won't ask anything for the "lesson"... instead of watching stream while I'm bored and waiting for friend to get online i'll help people instead!

Interested? Well add me same IGN than my forum name. (I'm online almost all evening/night EST, Also be wary my main language is not English but its functional enough aka not completely broken)