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I am from team white lotus, my team participated at Dreamhack quali. where we faced some ""SPORTSMANSHIP'''' from team Fnatic and admins of that quali. about racism later...
http://ballou.moxiecode.com/ link for rules of quali. some of this rules contradicts each other and any kind of SPORTSMANSHIPS! in our case its a rule about PAUSE IS NOT ALLOWED and ADMINS CAN CHANGE THE RULES.
At the final match vs fnatic they got a dc and used pause, we did unpase according to the rules and tell them about it - the spam WTF and pause unpause starts, that affect a game a bit, and then the FNATIC FAMOUS POWER or smt starts to work. and admins says they can use pause, even if its a rule breaking arguin that ADMINS CAN CHANGE AND FAIR PLAY OF IMPORTANT MATCH AND SPORTSMANSHIPS.
Take a look guys- where is sportsmanship to white lotus interests ? where is no important matches i mean we had a match with winfakt team a round before where we had a dc asked for pause and they did not allowed and we continue to play in 4 according to rules and we could easily loose just because of rules, we are lucky we did not loose that match we tryed very hard and won it. image how many matches could be with different results and what it could bring if all was getting previleges like fnatic on this quali.
we lost the game 80 %, sure not cuz of pause BUT, WE 99% could win it if RULES was 1 for all... and in my opinion the situation with this ''SPORTSMANSHIPS'' AND RULE BREAKING and RACISM is thing ppl need to know.Admin who i was talking with send me to email of the head admin TO REDETAIL the conflict for the things they can do with it, after the incedent and what ADMIN DID alrdy i dont really trust that they gonna do anything in anyway, so i keep hope maybe riots workers will see this and take it under their care.
About racism - when the spam with pause starts they flamed racism based things and did the same after game u can check this on the VODs and ask ppl who watched xpeke stream.
As ppl say at that time on that stream it was RACISM EPICENTR ... but not the ''PROFFESIONAL'' ''SPORT'' TEAM that ''dont break the rules'' and dont use MAGIC powers like their famous tag or smt ( we can only guess) to CHANGE the rules