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Shyvana Art Asset inconsistencies

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Hey there I play a lot of Shyvana and I have noticed some inconsistencies with some of her art assets. As far as her splash art her default art is highly stylized and is very different from the rest of her art. It also introduces an element to her character that has sparked a lot of debate, does Shyvana have grey skin or a more normal human complexion? Her other skins make no mention that this is a more normal looking shyvana, its typically just Shyvana wearing different kinds of armor that influence the appearance of her dragon form. On that note with Shyvana's first 3 skins, her default, ironscale, and boneclaw her weapons form the head piece worn by her dragon form, a cool little detail. However this is not the case for her Darkflame skin, where her weapons are neat looking, but do not translate into her dragon form.