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What about armor pen boots?

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Armor Penetration on Boots would make Berserker's Greaves obsolete on everyone but Kayle (and let's face it, she can use items that aren't good on anyone else). Most auto-attackers have much fewer armor penetration options in comparison to attack speed (though the ones available are quite good), and most auto-attackers have abilities that don't benefit from attack speed at all, but do generally always benefit from armor penetration. The fewer options means that armor penetration would become a rather effective damage multiplier in most builds, moreso than attack speed. And the synergy with ability damage makes it better than attack speed even in cases were attack speed sees a greater benefit to auto-attacking. Caitlyn is likely going to want Ace in the Hole to deal more damage than the occasional pew-pew-pew fest, just saying. On the aspect of filling a gap, armor penetration on boots would more or less have to be change to Berserker's Greaves, because they'd become obsolete with such an alternative.

Alos, Armor Penetration is more available than magic penetration in items and runes, and armor is less plentiful than magic resistance at early levels. On average champions start with 18 armor and always 30 magic resistance, so shifting armor penetration (at least flat penetration) into boots would more or less allow one to deal true damage with physical attacks and abilities for the entirety of the lanning phase. End-game it would synergize exceptionally well with the 55% armor penetration available from masteries and 2 items - pushing you to the point you actually increase your DPS more in relation to all other damage multipliers the more armor your target picks up, creating a dynamic were you aren't simply countering armor but punishing targets for having it. Which is kind of awkward, as armor's primary function is to counter physical damage. At least at it's current standing (without taking champion abilities into account) armor penetration can see your damage increase by ~85% - which sits pretty close to the ~75 armor champions get just from leveling, so investing in armor at least has a semblance of utility as-is.

If there were boots with % armor penetration I could almost see it in-game, as %penetrations aren't fantastic early game by any stretch, and the way %penetrations stack you'd likely only push the 55% up to something like 60% even with reasonable %penetrations on boots. I don't see a reason why we need easily-obtainable builds with anything above 50% armor penetration though. You need 50%+50 penetration (against targets with 100 or more armor) for penetrations to see a doubling in damage. Anything more and it seems like penetrations are a better damage multiplier than actual damage attributes (AD, AP, AS, Crit).

As cute as it would be, I don't really see any reason to have armor penetration on boots with the current balance of the game. The availability of armor penetration has already reached a sort of critical mass, Berserker's Greaves would become obsolete, and early-game just isn't designed around that much armor penetration being available.

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Was anyone paying attention when they read what I had typed. I agree that armor pen is getting a little out of hand with The Black Cleaver, but this means that the armor pen item that they added was just not the correct decision or that the item needs to be reworked. I think that flat armor pen boots would have been a better decision.